Why become a Tate Patron?

Becoming a Tate Patron means joining a community of people who share your philanthropic love for art. Through your support we can celebrate the art of the past and present in all its complexity and diversity, support artistic risk-taking, and deepen scholarship.

A group of people looking at a painting in a gold frame on a red wall

Tate Patrons Tour of The Rossettis © Eugenio Falcioni

Your experience as a Tate Patron

Each level of Patronage provides different benefits and experiences tailored towards your interests and deepening your relationship with Tate. You’ll be able to enjoy curator-led tours, access to artists, gallery visits, private collection visits, and invitations to opening receptions, national moments, as well as moments in Europe and beyond.

A person with shoulder length dark hair sitting looking at a lilac abstract painting

Hilma Af Klint & Piet Mondrian: Forms Of Life © Tate (Lucy Green)

Your impact as a Tate Patron

Your contributions go towards the Tate Foundation (registered Charity Number 1085314), a charity that makes it possible for Tate to acquire new artworks and stage exhibitions, it also allows Tate to tell the stories behind art, shed light on new and forgotten artists, and carry out vital research and conservation to preserve our collections.

People doing activities in a colourful room with playful writing and shapes on the walls

Play Studio Ⓒ Tate (Eugenio Falcioni)

Support learning

Learning opportunities for thousands of young children, families, schools, and individuals are enabled by Patrons. Art galleries and museums play a vital role in communities by providing a space where people of all backgrounds can come together and explore, celebrate, and learn from art in all its complexity and diversity.

A person with dark skin looks at a green and yellow abstract artwork with a magnifying tool

Tate Conservation Studio © Tate (Reece Straw)

Help conserve art

Our collection forms an integral part of our displays, and it's through Patrons backing and dedication that we can meet our duty of care for the national collection, showcasing new acquisitions, and presenting works as artists intended them to be seen for future generations.

Hear from Tate Patrons

In this video, our Patrons share what they love about being a Tate Patron.

How your support helps

Support key acquisitions

Patrons help acquire key artworks for Tate’s collection and ensure we represent multiple histories and lived experiences. You can read about recent acquisitions supported by Patrons in the Tate Patrons report.

Fund exhibitions

A plethora of exhibitions, spanning historic and modern art, are staged with Patron support. It’s through your help that art can reach as wide an audience as possible.

Contact us

You can contact the Patrons Office to discuss any aspect of your membership or to find out more about the scheme. Get in touch with us via email, phone or post.

London Patrons

Email patrons.office@tate.org.uk

Call +44 (0)20 7887 8743

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Liverpool Patrons

Email development.liverpool@tate.org.uk

Call +44 (0) 151 702 7433

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