Your donations help us to make art accessible to everyone, provide vital support for our galleries, fund educational programmes and enable us to keep our national collection free for everyone to discover and enjoy

How your donations help

1. Caring for the collection

Donations allow our expert conservation team to care for and restore works in the national collection for the enjoyment of our visitors now and in the future. Recently, donations from members and supporters enabled the conservation of Arthur Mellville’s Audrey and her Goats 1883–9 which was need of conservation in advance of going on display at Tate Britain.

2. Tate Learning Programme

Every year almost 3 million people join in learning activities in our galleries, online and with our partners across the UK. Learning at Tate is for people of all ages, regardless of their level of knowledge or area of interest. Donations help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to engage with, respond to and learn about the art in the national collection.

3. Tate for everyone

A woman holds and feels an artwork up close

We believe passionately that no disability should prevent an individual from enjoying art. We work hard to ensure that visitors with disabilities are able to access and enjoy our galleries and collection. Donations help us to provide access events including British Sign Language talks, multimedia guides and Deafblind/Touch tours.

4. Where the need is greatest

Donations allow us to respond confidently to unexpected opportunities and situations. In October 2012 a visitor to Tate Modern defaced one of Rothko’s Seagram Murals by writing on the canvas with ink. Following 18 months of extensive conservation work, in May 2014 Black on Maroon went back on display to the public where Rothko intended – in a dedicated meditative room at Tate Modern, displayed in low light levels to protect the works.

To see how donations have helped in the last year, download our latest Tate Fund report

Giving from abroad

Tate Americas Foundation

Tate Americas Foundation is an independent charity based in New York that supports the work of Tate in the United Kingdom.

Tate Canada Foundation

Tate Canada Foundation is an independent charity based in Toronto that supports Canadian programs at Tate in the United Kingdom.

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